Many agencies claim to be integrated—but are they really? At Camden, integration happens before your very eyes, especially when it comes to web production, which is carried out entirely by an in-house team.

A completely integrated web agency, Camden offers website creation and production, as well as search engine optimization (SEO). Your website is your storefront; it’s the spokesperson for your brand. When they visit your website, consumers are both in their space and in yours. Your DNA is stripped bare. But over and above technological imperatives, don’t forget the two most important concepts when it comes to any web project: consumers must be able to find your site and what they are looking for on it easily, whether they are using their phone, tablet, desktop computer or large-screen TV. At Camden, the website is an integral part of a brand and must reflect every nuance. Essentially, it must help you meet your marketing and communication goals. We believe that the silo approach between web agencies and advertising agencies is a thing of the past.

With web production, as with so many other things, the devil is in the details. Our approach is iterative: you approve each step in the process. Isn’t it time your agency is able to grasp your marketing goals and your brand, including its components and graphic platform, and finally produce a coherent website that meets your expectations?

Our approach is simple and phase-by-phase:


Research, analysis, diagnostics: What are the site features? Analysis of the competition’s web presence? How can we optimize future referencing? What are the profiles of future users? What will be their behaviour and expectations? What do we want them to accomplish, and what are our objectives? Production of a comprehensive analysis with SEO recommendations.


Arborescence, SEO development and content production: How will the content be structured? Strategic content writing or revision of existing written content, graphic creation, photo sessions—in short, production of all web content in light of the above step.


Ergonomics and design: How will the interface simplify navigation and allow users to reach their goals? How will the graphic platform be transposed? How can things be simplified through innovation to maximize the user experience? Here, our designers develop the entire essence of a future website.


Prototype and tests: Programming a responsive design prototype which includes the key pages and elements of the site, including the homepage, the most essential content and, of course, the navigation interface. Then comes the test phase with a pool of users who represent the various clients of the site and who evaluate its various elements. Next, the prototype is tweaked as needed and the changes are assessed by the testers. The reactions of the human mind must never be taken for granted—effectiveness must always be tested in the field.


Integration, quality assurance, training and delivery: Complete content integration for all webpages based on the final prototype, carry out tests on all screen formats and various browsers, debug as needed, and provide training on the content editor, putting content online, measuring and continuous improvement.