Web Marketing

Many agencies claim to be integrated—but are they really? At Camden, integration happens before your very eyes, even search engine marketing, which is managed by an in-house expert.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the single most important means to increase a site’s visibility on the Internet, not to mention directly boost sales and increase awareness.

Camden is a certified Google Partner. We are proud to offer you our leading expertise in AdWords campaign management and social networking advertisement: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and now Instagram. Search Engine Marketing is a prime method for connecting potential clients in “buy” mode to your brand. By analyzing the competition, measuring, optimizing and reallocating budgets to the jobs offering the best results and building knowledge, SEM plays a complementary—but essential—role alongside the other communication channels. SEM expertise requires constantly evolving technological skills, extensive knowledge of the brand’s platform and current ads and promotions, and constant vigilance. At Camden, that’s exactly what we offer.