Many agencies claim to be integrated—but are they really? At Camden, integration happens before your very eyes, which is why strategic marketing is handled entirely in-house.

No agency understands a client’s business sector better than the client. We never assume we know more than you about who you are and what you do. At Camden, we focus on developing a close relationship with our clients that will foster solid strategies.

As a strategic advertising agency, we facilitate brand emergence by understanding a brand’s macro-environment as well as its assets and liabilities. Before launching any campaign, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the markets in which a brand will evolve. Because reaching consumers who have become ad-phobic is a challenge. Because there’s no miracle solution, only research, hard work and experience.

Above all, a marketing strategy is a question of choice: finding the winning combination that is also aligned with the strategic vision and various brand components. Finding the right blend of available communication vehicles and eliciting memories and experiences is as much a matter of instinct as science. But we strive at all times to leave everything on the table, to never resort to clichés, and to keep our process of reflection free of bias.

Together, we reveal your strengths and opportunities for growth, and develop a mechanism for change, to bring on board your ambassadors to foster loyalty, and to change perceptions.

Effectiveness and innovation—your ultimate goal is also ours. We are nothing without your success.