Social Networks

Many agencies claim to be integrated—but are they really? At Camden, integration happens before your very eyes, including when it comes to social networking strategies developed by our in-house experts.

We conduct a precise, Internet-wide analysis in order to identify the best social networks for your brand, target clients and messages to communicate. We establish publishing schedules to draw attention, pique curiosity, stimulate discussion, raise awareness, and facilitate transactions. We develop innovative tactics that foster genuine, sincere connections. We never forget our audience: the “targets” are not robots: they are thinking, breathing, feeling beings who are each living their own lives. To ignore their individuality is to guarantee failure.

When galvanizing web communities on behalf of our clients, we prefer to tap into small, genuine communities rather than large-scale artificial ones. People are at their best when they are connected with each other; the brands that bring people together are the brands that celebrate our humanity.

In addition to developing client bases via the Internet, Camden is a public relations agency that is fully integrated and committed to adapting your messages according to the issues at stake. But above all, we want to understand your issues and expand the scope of your marketing campaigns exponentially.