Many agencies claim to be integrated—but are they really? At Camden, integration happens before your very eyes, especially when it comes to creative advertising.

Being creative… Saying it doesn’t make it a reality. Risking the unknown, innovating, expressing, in absolute terms. But for results, not just for fun. And without ever ignoring brand positioning and the evolving sociological and psychological ideologies that influence consumers. Our job, above all else, is to express a brand. Results emerge when there is selflessness.

Camden is a creative advertising agency where every idea, every stroke of the pen, every inspiration is generated internally. Forget about freelance mercenaries who quickly disappear. We foster a kind of creativity that is fed by sincerity and teamwork among peers.

All of our concepts are adaptable, since a brand must be rolled out consistently across all client contact points. From brainstorming new brand names to drawing up signatures and slogans, including developing television, print and web or radio concepts, nothing pleases us more than a unique idea that makes an impact through its simplicity while respecting the consumer’s intelligence—and, always, communicating with candour to go straight to the heart.