Consumers just don’t care
about your brand

(or anyone else’s for that matter).

They hate advertising—they avoid it, change the channel, mute it, avert their eyes and moan about it. Winning their respect is tough and thankless. That’s where we come in.

Camden is an advertising and branding agency that is completely independent and fully integrated (with us, it’s for real: in-house, with an organic networking process that we enjoy).

All agencies are creative, most are strategic, but the right one for your company is the one where you feel an authentic connection. We’ll tell you exactly what we think: about your product, positioning, what needs improvement and how to improve it, as simply and cost effectively as possible. Storytelling works. Making up stories doesn’t. At the end of the day, the consumer can sense it.

Montreal is our fertile ground, and Quebec our playing field. But even when adapting campaigns from the rest of Canada for a Quebec audience, or developing brands that are successful internationally, we put our heart and soul into it.

For us, confidence is not arrogance. We’re a destination: your point of arrival and of departure to win over the world—or just your neighbourhood.