Connections are all that matter

Camden is the largest advertising agency in Montreal’s Mile End creative hub, with a satellite office in Toronto. Founded in 1991 as Défi Communication, the agency was rebranded as Camden in 2015 to convey the flavour of London’s vibrant marketplace where the connection between customers and merchants is really all that matters.

The agency currently employs over 30 people from diverse backgrounds. And as a genuinely full-service agency with no obligation to a parent company, Camden stays laser focused on every client’s needs.

Camden is a human-scale agency.
We value experience.

  • Mathieu Bédard
  • Marie-Michèle Jacques
    Vice President, Strategy and Media, Principal Associate
  • Claude Garneau
    Vice President, Business Development
  • John Dutton
    Vice President, Creation
  • Claudelle Lavallée
    Vice President, Digital
  • Sandrine Cyr
    Executive Director, Toronto office
  • Camille Poulin
    Director, Strategy and Client Services, Toronto office
  • Christiane Rioux
    Director, Quality Control
  • Anne-Christine Normand
    Studio Director
  • Suzanne Lemelin
    Account Director
  • Mélanie Saulnier
    Account Director
  • Virginie Testaud
    Account Director
  • Josée Bourque
    Accountant, CPA, CGA
  • Catherine Larose
  • Gabrielle Lusignan
  • Francis Chevalier
  • Charlotte Dondelinger
  • David Fuenz
  • Susannah Rubin
  • Frédéric Roy
  • Didier Plantard
  • Renée Massicotte
  • Ann Rioux
  • Eve-Lyne Grenon
  • Nicolas-Julien Bougie
  • Justin Bolduc
  • André Proulx
  • Jessie Gladu
  • Danny Southern
  • Martin Ulrich
  • Ginette Bertrand
  • Normand Perry
Some of our creatives have been with us for 25 years. (Maybe this is why we have clients who have also been with us for 25 years…). But we’re more than just smart strategists, seasoned eyes and well-honed pens. We form a diverse, ego-free team, and the experts you first meet are the people who’ll keep working with you.


Camden Équipe de direction